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January 07 2009
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:39 ]
Hugh Hefner has a new Playmate - 22-year-old Crystal Harris Crystal Harris, who is Hef's newest girl, says she is an advocate for animal rights and loves the outdoors and describes herself on her MySpace page as "a good girl, for the most part".

And she also revealed on her message board that she has moved into the Playboy mansion, along with the 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, "Hef gave me permission to fill people in on the new updates as a voice from the mansion. There are a couple that we have interest in. As for now, it is just us three".

Crystal Harris is a psychology student that has been photographed with Heffner on several occasions but had not until now been officially introduced.

My only question is, "how long can Hef keep it up?".
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January 04 2009
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:21 ]
Jenna Fischer Would Rather Be On Set Than At Home Jenna Fischer, who starred in "The Office" had to wear very skimpy lingerie in the comedy, "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story", but whereas most women are hesitant to strip off in front of dozens of guys on a film set, Jenna said that she actually found it better than doing it at home.

"In your house you don't have a team of people lighting you perfectly. They can light your cellulite so you see it or don't see it; it's the most amazing thing. They can put makeup on your legs, you try on hundreds of outfits until you find the one that looks the most perfect on you," Fischer told Tarts. "It really has nothing to do with whether you're in shape or not. They can do pretty amazing things with any body type”.

She did however find the lead-up to the scene a little painful.

"The producers made me get my lady business waxed so that it didn't come out in my costume. So they sent me to a waxing place and the woman's got hot wax and she's ripping off everything. Just at that moment when I had my leg up in the air and she was applying the wax she said 'my husband and I love you and your show’, and it really was the wrong moment to bring that up because I felt so vulnerable’.
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January 01 2009
Posted by Redmike  [ 10:07 ]
Eva Longoria can't stand cheaters The 'Desperate Housewives' actress Eva Longoria says she wouldn’t hesitate to expose somebody that she observed getting close to a person who wasn’t their partner.

When asked how she would break the news, Eva said, "I'd tell her. I would probably take a picture with my camera phone first. It's tough, because sometimes people kill the messenger. But I think the truth always comes out, regardless of who tells us”.

Eva also gave some tips on how women should go about finding the perfect partner, "Just get out there and meet people. I think sometimes women are stuck in a type. I've never dated the same type. I fall in love with personalities, and they come in different packages”.
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December 27 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 09:33 ]
Jennifer Aniston's Movie Is Beating Brad Pitt's Brad Pitt may have dumped Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie and then rubbed salt in the wound by being photographed with her and their growing family every other day for about two years, but so far Aniston's movie is whipping Brad's movie's butt!

'Big Hollywood' just came out with preliminary box office numbers for Christmas Day, and "Marley & Me" has edged out "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" for the number one slot.

"Marley" raked in with $13.9 million in ticket sales, whilst "Button" lagged slightly behind with $11.1 million.

"Bedtime Stories," "Valkyrie," and "The Spirit" rounded out the Top 5, which means Adam Sandler also beat Tom Cruise.
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December 25 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 08:50 ]
Reese Witherspoon dared her brother to touch dead raccoons The 'Four Christmases' actress Reese Witherspoon was terrified of the dead animals that her father who was a doctor sometimes received as payment from his Tennessee patients but the corpses did however inspire a game between her and sibling John.

Reese used to dare her brother to touch the skinned raccoons in their freezer!

Reese is quoted as saying, "One year, a man brought my father a dead skinned squirrel and a dead raccoon. My father put them in the freezer. My brother and I were so scared of them. We were afraid to go near the freezer because my dad kept them in there for three years. We'd dare each other to touch them and look at them. It was very scary".
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December 22 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:22 ]
A hard call for Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise or 'All My Sons'. The final performance of "All My Sons" on Broadway, will take place on January 11th and Katie stars in it. However her husband Tom Cruise has been nominated for a Golden globe award for Best Supporting Actor for his brief comic turn in "Tropic Thunder" and the awards will be given on the same day.

The Globes love Tom and as far as celebs go he is their most desired participant because of the TV ratings.

Yep, Tom is even bigger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

So what will Katie Holmes do?

Ina Treciokas, who is Katie's press representative announced, "Katie's decided to stay and her do last show," Ina tells me. "She won't be going with Tom to the Globes. The cast of 'All My Sons' has been like a family and they want to end it together".
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December 19 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:31 ]
A tissue used by Scarlett Johansson to be auctioned .. The actress, Scarlett Johansson's who was plagued by a terrible cold when she appeared on US TV talk show 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', left behind a used tissue, and now network NBC has decided to sell it on eBay to raise money for the food-gathering charity 'USA Harvest'.

Other weird stuff celebrity stuff that was put on eBay includes.

Britney Spears' hair clippings which were collected after she shaved her head in 2007 and an empty can of Red Bull that she had drunk out of. The articles attracted bids of over £500,000 but the site removed them before the sales could be completed.

Angelina Jolie's hairbrush.

Heath Ledger's costume from the cowboy movie 'Brokeback Mountain'.

A piece of gum that had been chewed by Jessica Simpson just before she filmed a kissing scene with Dane Cook for the movie 'Employee of the Month'.

A billiard table on which Jude Law allegedly got intimate with his nanny.

The debris from Shia LaBeouf's car crash earlier this year.
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December 16 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 10:57 ]
Cameron Diaz won't be starring in 'Shrek the Musical'. Cameron Diaz who voiced Princess Fiona in the animated film series 'Shrek', attended the Broadway opening of the musical by the same name on Sunday but said that she has no plans to appear in the show.

Asked if she would like to play Fiona on stage, Cameron replied: "No. Absolutely not. What they do up there is, to me, impossible. It's wonderful, though. They've done such a great job. They worked really hard, and it really pays off. "It's hilarious. There are so many laughs. It's great to see all the actors playing it together, because when we do it for the animated films, we never see each other. We don't work together'.

Other stars who attended the opening included America Ferrera, Joan Rivers and Ben Stiller.
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December 13 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 09:34 ]
The The "Olly Girl" Holly Huddleston has been chosen by the Men's Magazine 'FHM Online' as one its favorite lingerie ladies alongside FHM's first Digital Darling winner in 2006 Carlee Ranger and FHM U.K. cover girl Amanda Gift.

The scantily-clad lingerie babes are using their assets to promote a gift guide for brands including Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Elle MacPherson and Jimmy Choo, in the hope of making holiday shopping a little easier for the millions of males out there.
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December 10 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 07:07 ]
If you want to date Kate Hudson then leave your ego behind .. Kate Hudson says that when it comes to going out on a date that she has only one requisite - leave your ego at the door.

"I'm not a judgmental person, if I had a checklist it would be dangerous and I would probably date nobody. I think that's an egotistical approach and egos ruin relationships. You have to be open to everyone".

One guy did get judged though, "There was one date where I left before we even got food, the guy was just so deeply boring, I think he was in banking".

Kate went on to say that she has only dated three people, Owen Wilson, Dax Sheppard and Lance Armstrong, since divorcing the rocker Chris Robinson in 2006.

"I got married so young, when I was only 21 and was married for seven years so I don't know that much about the dating game. I've only dated three people in two-and-a-half years, the big transition for me after being married was actually living alone. Now I love it but the transition of getting there was different and it was hard to settle into it".
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December 07 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:12 ]
Jessica Biel Says That Men Always Get The Better Storylines. Jessica Biel of 'Easy Virtue' fame says that she believes that the only way that she can think of that might possibly advance her career would be to play the male lead in a movie, because they always get the better storylines.

She said, "I think it's almost historical in Hollywood that there just aren't so many good parts for women as they are for men. I think as long as you're playing the wife or the girlfriend to the lead then you're always playing second fiddle to the guys".

Jessica added however that although she is "thankful" for the opportunity to star in films that she is under no illusion as to how she managed to succeed in Hollywood.

"Your face and your body can get your foot in the door, obviously. And I'm thankful for that".
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December 04 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 07:51 ]
Jessica Simpson wants to take Jessica Simpson says that she felt inspired to explore her more spiritual side after watching 2006 movie, 'The Da Vinci Code', which claims that Jesus both married and fathered a child.

"I've been contemplating taking a college course in religion. I love religion. I remember whenever the book 'The Da Vinci Code' came out, the Discovery Channel did this three-night piece on it that I recorded it and then watched eight times".

She says that her most memorable blunders include thinking that the canned tuna brand 'Chicken of the Sea' was actually chicken and believing that 'buffalo wings' were made from buffalos and not chicken.
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