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October 26 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 07:56 ]
Madonna won't invest in Guy's next movie The hot unconfirmed celebrity news in the UK is that Guy Ritchie is having an affair with the actress Kelly Reilly.

A source who is close to Ritchie said, "He knows that Madonna and her big PR guns will pull out all the stops to damage him and his reputation".

The same source added that before their decision to get divorced that Guy wanted Madonna to invest in his next movie, and she wouldn't!

"This was one of the reasons that Guy knew his marriage was doomed. If the wife won't back you, who will?".

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October 20 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 10:28 ]
Eva Mendes hates going to gyms because they’re ‘ugly and noisy’. Eva Mendes, who is the face (or body) of the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign says she can't stand working out indoors and much prefers exercising outdoors.

Eva said, "I work out once a week doing light weights but on the whole I find gyms so grey and so ugly and I don't want to listen to bad techno music on a treadmill. I prefer to go running near my house in Los Angeles with my dog or my neighbor, which I do around five times a week. And I go uphill too, which is hard!".

Eva also revealed that she never watches what she eats and prefers to compensate for her bad dietary habits by exercising afterwards.

"In the car on the way here I had six chocolate chip cookies! But that means extra time working out later. I'll say to myself, 'I can eat this pizza right now, but I will have to add an extra 30 minutes to my exercise today'. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not”.
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October 17 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:02 ]
Reese Witherspoon feared she'd pee in her pants on the set! Reese Witherspoon said that she was afraid that she'd wet her pants on the set of the new movie 'Four Christmases' because her co-star Vince Vaughn was so funny.

In an attempt to dismiss rumors that there was friction between the two of them during the shooting of 'Four Christmases', the actress claimed that it was the most fun that she'd ever had making a movie.

She said, "Vince is the funniest person I've ever worked with in my entire life. There were days when we were shooting things, I would laugh so hard it would ruin the take and I was afraid I was going to pee on myself, it was so funny".

Reese whose is an Oscar-winning actress added that she is very happy with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and said that it is of great comfort to her to be in a relationship with such a loyal partner.

"Jake is very supportive. Suffice to say, I'm very happy in life and I'm very lucky to have a lot of really supportive people around me who care very much for me. You know, that's all you can hope for in life. I am very blessed in that way".
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October 14 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 08:09 ]
Tara Reid says she'll start acting again when the writer's strike ends .. "I totally plan to go back into acting once the strike stops" Tara Reid told 'Pop Tarts' last week at Eva Longoria-Parker's Padres Contra El Cancer's 8th Annual "El Sueno De Esperanza" benefit gala in Hollywood.

"The economy is so bad right now that people are afraid to put money back into acting. Even the shows that seem new, they really shot six months ago. So when it's all back up again, I will go back into it. That's my heart".

The writer's strike ended February 12, 2008.

"I have a clothing line coming out called Mantra by Tara Reid. It's like the book 'The Secret' - the whole line is about colors," she explained. "Red means love, blue means love, white is peace, black means protection. So when you wear these colors, you might attract love, or green, you'll get lucky tonight. You put the energy out there, that's what the line is all about".
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October 11 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 15:24 ]
Angelina Jolie says Brad convinced her to have biological children Angelina Jolie, who is a strong advocate of adoption, says her partner Brad Pitt's behavior influenced her to have biological children.

In an interview with W magazine, Jolie says, "One of the life-changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do".

She says that another thing that caused her to change her mind was watching how Brad bonded with her adopted children Maddox and Zahara.

"He stopped talking about having other kids in the other way. So I suppose in my heart I realized he was happy with them as his children, completely. I knew he would never see them as different, and that gave me a certain peace. And after that revelation, I suppose I just looked at him and loved him and just felt open to getting pregnant. I suddenly wanted to. It's one of those things you can't explain".

The couple now have three children of their own, in addition to the two adopted ones, a daughter Shiloh who arrived in May 2006 and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline that were born last July.

Jolie continued, "Now I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just the process of it, and now we have three other beautiful children that wouldn't otherwise be here".
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October 08 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 08:41 ]
Will Rose McGowan do deep throat? Rose McGowan, who is the talented and beautiful star of "Planet Terror" and TV's "Charmed" is down for the part of Linda Lovelace in producer Brian Grazer's film 'Inferno' which is about the legendary "Deep Throat" star.

We're told that Bill Pullman as Hugh Hefner and Josh Lucas as Linda's husband, Chuck Traynor, the one who got her into porn have already been cast.

There were previous attempts at making the film and both Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan were said to be down for the role.

Linda Lovelace's life was full of ups and downs and the film will be about much more than just the movie 'Deep Throat.

Linda also wrote two bestselling autobiographies entitled, "Ordeal" and "Out of Bondage".

According to one bio, after she made "Deep Throat" in 1974, Linda became a feminist.
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October 06 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 09:20 ]
Heidi Montag Says She Prays for Sarah Palin American reality television personality, fashion designer, model and singer Heidi Montag has made no secret of the fact that she supports the Republican candidate John McCain for president.

It seems likely though that she's an even bigger fan of his running mate Sarah Palin.

Heidi said, "She will do great in the debates. She's a strong woman and my prayers are with her. She's definitely been victimized by the media. It's very hard for a woman being vice president or president. But I think she is standing strong".
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October 03 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 08:38 ]
Uma Thurman has no obvious hang-ups about sex and nudity ..
Uma Thurman (nee Uma Karuna Thurman) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 29 April 1970.

In 1995 she was rated #20 on Empire magazine's list of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history and in 1997 she was # 99 on their "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.

Her big breakthrough came when she played the part of Cecile de Volanges in 'Dangerous Liaisons' in 1988.

And she gained even greater attention for her role in the NC-17 rated 'Henry & June in1990'.

In June 2000 the French cosmetics firm Lancome employed her as a spokes-model for their company.

In 1994 she won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Quentin Tarantino classic 'Pulp Fiction' movie.

The film 'Motherhood' in which she stars will be released In 2009.

A statement which perhaps she wishes she hadn't made was ..

"My washing machine overwhelms me with its options and its sophistication".

Uma has no obvious hang-ups about sex and nudity so check her out here.
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September 30 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 06:18 ]
Nicole Kidman doesn't use body doubles so what you see is her!
Nicole-Kidman (born Nicole Mary Kidman) is a redhead with an IQ of 132 and last time we heard, her other vital statistics were 34B-23-36 and 5' 10½" (1.79 m).

She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Australian parents.

In 1996 she was chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' and was also listed on "People Weekly's "Most Intriguing People" list.

She won a Golden Globe and several critics' awards for her performance in 'To Die For' in 1995. She was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress in a Leading Role 2001 in Moulin Rouge and won it in 2003 for her performance in 'The Hours'.

She was married to Tom Cruise from 24 December 1990 until 8 August 2001 (2 children) and is presently married to Keith Urban (1 child).

Nicole doesn't believe in using a body double so what you see in our clips and pictures is really her!
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September 27 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 08:26 ]
Drew Barrymore snapped smooching with Ed Westwick from Drew Barrymore was recently photographed smooching with the "Gossip Girl" actor Ed Westwick who is he's twelve years younger than her.

A Vanity Fair photographer snapped the smooch between the 33-year-old Barrymore and 21-year-old Westwick at a 'Kings of Leon' concert in Manhattan.

What's more, 'InTouch' magazine says that's it's next issue contains photos of Barrymore "making out" with her "Whip It" co-star Landon Pigg who is just 26, during the film's wrap party on Sept. 17.

Seems like Drew likes or needs young studs ...
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September 24 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:00 ]
She has amazing energy and ingenuity. She pushed the sexual envelope. She's Madonna!
Madonna (born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is a petite 5' 4½" (1.64 m) and was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A.

Her boom time started in the 1980s and she has pretty much dominated the female music business ever since and has sold a succession of multi-million-selling albums.

She has amazing energy and a seemingly endless source of creativity and ingenuity.

She's never been shy about nudity or pushing the sexual envelope and two of her videos "Justify My Love" and "What It Feels Like For A Girl" were banned from VH1 & MTV and although a third video entitled "Erotica" wasn't banned it was only played after midnight on MTV.

In her now infamous appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" (1994) she used the "f" word 13 times.

Nude pictures of Madonna that were taken years before she became famous when she was a dancer were published in Penthouse magazine and following the huge success of that issue she posed nude again in the coffee table book "Sex" which became an instant bestseller.

Come take a look at a whole lot of Madonna clips and pics now ..
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September 18 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 09:35 ]
Come see a lot more of Kim Basinger and many others here
Kim Basinger (born Kimila Ann Basinger) was born December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia and was the third of five children.

Kim entered the Athens Junior Miss contest when she was sixteen and went on to win the Junior Miss Georgia title.

She appeared in several episodes of "Charlie's Angels" (1976) and played a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again (1983) and rose to stardom after playing Vicki Vale in the blockbuster hit Batman (1989).

She turned down the role in Basic Instinct (1992) that made Sharon Stone a star.

One of her best known quotes is "I think any girl who comes to Hollywood with sex symbol or bombshell hanging over her has a rough road".

She's not afraid of sex and nudity and you can see a lot more of her here.
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